What We Do

Monitor the consumption of news from news outlets and public pages on social media to early detect polarizing topics

Reconstruct and map the architecture of pages and echo-chambers and their narratives, accounting for polarization and confirmation bias

Stimulate a higher accuracy of news outlets by monitoring errors from news outlets and apply an accuracy index (fake-rank) to them

Track and analyze misinformation on specific topics such as health, food, environment, immigration, security

Test alternative narratives (counter-troll)

Our products:

• Early Detection for polarizing topics of interest to the global community and single Members

• Fake Rank via monitoring errors from news outlets and apply to them an accuracy index

• Future of Truth Summit, an annual gathering of leaders from all sectors to connect, learn and collaborate on misinformation and its consequences

In addition:

• Benchmarking reports based on data on polarizing topics and effectiveness of analysis and solutions put in place by the stakeholders involved

• Advanced tools online and offline, developed and tested with researchers

• Events and other projects on demand

Throughout its entire value proposition, Pandoors harness people, content and platforms at international and local level to increase attention, improve information and sustaining collective engagement around misinformation and its consequences