Who We Are

The information space, from production to consumption of information, has dramatically evolved with the advances of internet technologies. Its is an increasingly disintermediated, noisy, often distrusted information space.
Within the information space, the problem of misinformation has also evolved, and so has its main consequence: polarization. The mediation system and tools to address misinformation appear largely inadequate. For example, fact-checking has proven ineffective so far.

At the core of the problem of misinformation are Polarization and Confirmation Bias. These are essentially about human psychology and the tendency, which we all have, to seek for information adhering our worldview and ignore dissenting information.

No matter whether offline or, more recently, online, human beings live and express themselves inside their own echo-chambers hence, boosting polarization.

This is where Pandoors comes in: a neutral, integrated network of people, content and platforms to analyze and test solutions to misinformation and polarization.

Our core mission is to help create new tools and narratives to smooth polarization, building the capacity of individuals and organizations to mitigate misinformation and its consequences.

Our vision is the one of a society where individuals and communities interact with information on a more solid ground, believing whatever they want but as free as possible from misinformation..